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Troop 10 is a 2016

Journey to Excellence Gold Award Unit!

We have been GOLD since the award was introduced in 2012!

JTE 2016

JTE 2015

JTE 2014

JTE 2013

JTE 2012

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Current Honor Patrol Score:
Ninja Watermelon patrol - 82 points
Legit Llama patrol - 70 points
Robo-Monkey patrol - 69 points

The Excessive Patrol - 50 Points

Phoenix patrol - 44 points

Senior Patrol - (25) points

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Summer Camp 2017

We're going to Emerald Bay July 23-29. Sign up and put in your $100 deposit before Dec 20 to hold your spot

07/23-07/29 Summer Camp at Emerald Bay

Event Sign Up Sheets

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06/16/17 - Training Hike #4 (option B)

06/17/17 - Reseda Neighborhood Cleanup (Service Project)

06/23/17 - Lake Buena Vista Boating & Family Camp

06/24/17 - Christopher's Eagle Court of Honor

07/01/17 - Church Paper Drive (Service Project)

07/06/17 - Roundtable Flag Ceremony (Service Project)

07/08/17 - Philmont Scout Ranch - High Adventure Trek

08/04/17 - Family Camp - Ventura Ranch Camp

Recent Photo Galleries

05/27/17 - Memorial Day Flag Placement

05/20/17 - ILST

04/29/17 - Camp Guffy Backpacking

04/22/17 - Camporee

04/09/17 - Horseback Riding

04/01/17 - Joshua Tree Climbing Trip

03/18/17 - Beartrap Backpacking

02/25/17 - Malibu Creek Backpacking

02/25/17 - Piedras Blancas Backpacking

02/04/17 - Strategy Camp

01/22/17 - Snow Sports

12/10/16 - Ice Skating

11/14/16 - Fall Court of Honor

10/15/16 - Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes Trip

07/17/16 - Camp Baker

06/28/16 - Lake Buena Vista Family Camp

05/28/16 - Sheep Camp Backpacking

05/28/16 - Memorial Day Flag Placement

04/30/16 - West Fork Backpacking

04/16/16 - Camporee

04/09/16 - Joshua Tree Climbing Trip

03/26/16 - Easter Community Outreach

02/27/16 - Strategy Camp at Sage Ranch

02/21/16 - Twin Forks Backpacking

02/06/16 - Mt. Hollywood Hike

01/23/16 - Snow Valley - Snow Sports Day

01/16/16 - Snow Camping

01/10/16 - Iceoplex Ice Skating

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